Saturday, October 1, 2011

black friday MOTOROLA XOOM Android Tablet sale

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Picked up the WiFi only version on Sunday. Went with WiFi only because I already have a DroidX and can use it as a WiFi hot spot cheaper than going with the 3G plan for the Xoom. I played with this and the iPad 2 side by side prior to deciding. iPad does somethings better and faster (switching screen orientation) and the Xoom does somethings better and faster. The advantage with the Xoom is having 2x the amount of RAM built in. So things like Google Maps keeps up better on the Xoom. I really like the browser on the Xoom better too, but that, like most of the rest of this, is personal preference.

The good:

- quality build
- great flexibility
- great camera's front and rear
- fully loaded WiFi only version (still has the GPS, gyro and even a barometer)
- Great graphics, nice display
- Not required to use iTunes to set it up and use it

The not so good:

- Screen is a fingerprint magnet, worse I have ever had.
- Not as easy to use out of the box as the iPad
- Not many aps for it yet

At the end of the day, if you use an iPhone and like it, you will like the iPad 2 better. If you use a good Android phone today and like it, you will like the Xoom much better. I spent Friday night and Saturday helping a friend set up their iPhone and the frustration over the lack of flexibility ultimately made my mind up for me. Once you get used to the flexibility you have with Android, you will get frustrated quickly with iOS.

Anyway, that is my opinion after using the Xoom for 1 full